Coming up Wednesday, November 12…

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday! 

Reminders for our meeting: If you haven’t paid dues yet, give Julie your $25. Wear your name tag for name tag raffle. Direct new members to Patty.

Bring these: Halloween postcard received, completed UFO for your first bead, charity flower blocks, personal accomplishments to show. Also, bring HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA examples (and directions if you think of it) for today’s program.

Shop Hop: Update  (and other committee updates, too)

Introduce: New Charity Block

Program: Holiday Gift Ideas: Bring in examples and directions for quick and cute gifts

UFO: Sightings to be shared

Still Working on… Chicken Exchange for Jan, Black/White/Bright Challenge for February, UFOs for March, Magazine Challenge for June, walker bags

FYI: Sew Day is Nov 15 @ Perinton Methodist Church 9-5


2 thoughts on “Coming up Wednesday, November 12…

  1. Kim Mclaurin

    hi my name is Kim I’m new to the Rochester area I was just wondering how much experience did you have to have to join a guild because I’ve have no experience someone quotes I’ve made a few dresses and other things I crochet I can make some and do other things but I really for many many years always knew how to quit her at heart my great grandmother was and I really like to start somewhere if you find time to reply on my email thank you very much yours truly Kim

    1. rochestermqg Post author

      Hello Kim,
      Welcome to Rochester! No experience is needed to join our guild. We are a group of people who love quilting (and many other hobbies) and sharing our projects with others. We would love for you to check out our guild. Our next meeting is December 10 at 7pm. We meet at the Fairport Baptist Home. I hope you can join us,


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