February Meeting Information

The February meeting is set for Wednesday, February 13th at 6:00 pm. We will be meeting at the studio of one of our members. The studio is located in the Hungerford Building at:

1115 East Main Street, Rochester
Door #2, Studio 307
“Quilting with Margaret”

You also have the option of participating in a “Quarter to Four” exchange.
Please bring ONE fat quarter (cut into four pieces) to the February meeting. You will keep one of the pieces and then choose three more from the collection.

Use these four fabrics, plus any additional fabrics of your choice, to make FOUR similar 6″ or 8″ blocks. Use white as a background or accent if this works in your blocks.

Be prepared to bring these blocks to a future meeting (TBD- probably May or June). You will keep one block and offer the other three to the group to choose from. Each participant will end up with four blocks to use in a project of your choice.


3 thoughts on “February Meeting Information

  1. Andrea Porter

    A friend has sparked my interest in your quilt guild. Please let me know if I may and how to go about joining. Thanks.

  2. Susan Jennings

    I have been anxiously waiting for news of a March meeting and never saw any posting for it. I would love to join a modern guild that meets in the evening. Please let me know if you at still active and accepting new members.


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